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Project: Birds of our region 



  1. In our last biology lesson the description of the skylark was worked out.
  2. Look at the description again on the computer.
    You only need to click on the word  skylark!
  3. Choose one of the birds you know from our region from the following list. Click on the name of the bird and read the text carefully. Fill in the empty descripion handed out to you:
  4. Buntspecht, Dohle, Feldlerche, Feldsperling, Gartenrotschwanz, Habicht, Heckenbraunelle, Kiebitz, KleiberKohlmeise, Rotkehlchen, Schleiereule, Schwanzmeise, Schwarzspecht, Sperber, Sumpfmeise, Turmfalke, Waldkauz
  5. Find out the scientific and German name of the bird. To do that you can go to a web site. You can put the name of the bird into the square frame. Then click on the search-button. This process takes some time. Write the name into your description.
  6. Now click on http://www.mumm.ac.be/~serge/birds/search_en.html
  7. If you should have any time left you can choose another bird from the list.
  8. As assignement add additional information to the description from books, magazines, .... You will probably find a photo of the bird too. Write the description again on a white sheet and finally pin the photo of the bird in the upper right corner. You can even paint on the sheet. Descriptions are supposed to be exhibited at school. If you like you can make several descriptions.