Project: Birds of our region   Grade 4/5   Project Overview  


Idea of the project: There has been close contact between the principal of the ERS Weiskirchen and Mr. Paul Davis from California since 1997. Paul Davis is a retired teacher and has ancestors from the Saarland in Germany. He deals intensivly with family research and bird watching. During his stay in Germany in May 1998 he will meat the invitation of the ERS Weiskirchen and hike with the students through the forest of Weiskirchen. This gave rise to the spontaneous idea to include his visit into cross-curricular activities focussing on the subject of biology.

Planning the project: In the subject of biology local birds are to be listed up in the form of short descriptions. The toppic should be encluded into the lessons of other subjects too. Contact to a school in Germany will be established. Information will be exchanged. The course of the project will be documented on the homepage. Having returned to California Paul Davis will visit the partner class.

Plan of the unit for biology:

  1. Introductory lesson in the classroom: The description of the skylark is dealt with.
  2. Internet lesson: The students are to get information about other birds from the internet to fill in the descriptions.
  3. The directions for the students are given on the worksheet that is available on the homepage of the school and contains clickable internet adresses. The students go on working on the description at home and work out a form which make them suitable for an exhibition..
  4. The descriptions will be talked about and made available to all pupils (notice board).

  5. The sounds of the birds can be found and listened to on the web. You can although use CD-Roms or audio CDs with bird sounds. A multi media stand with beamer will be used in this lesson for the projection of the monitor picture on a screen. The students have the opportunity to record the sound on cassettes.
    Then the birds will be watched in the forest with the sounds on cassettes and the descriptions at hand then too. (We will be accompanied by Paul Davis as an expert.)

Preconditions for the internet lesson:

          Technical Requirements

          Preconditions with the students:

Importance of the internet for the project:

            The internet serves as:

Cross-Curricular Activities:

Superior learning aims



G. Peifer, Erweiterte Realschule Weiskirchen, 10. Mai 1998

Thanks to Wolfgang Steimer for the translation.