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Czech Republic - Second meeting in the Czech Republic

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Second meeting in the Czech Republic
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Last trip to Germany
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The second meeting was in the Czech Republic. Kdyne is a small town in the south-west near the German border. On Sunday afternoon we met our Germany and Luxembourg students and teachers. The host families took their students apart and teachers were taken to their acomodation. Some students were a little bit afraid of staying in a strange country with a strange family but lots of our families are able ot speak german so in a few minutes the fear was gone. On Monday morning our students took their guests to school and we went to Domazlice to picked up Italian group. Students and teachers were pulled into the school and we met all together. Italian students went home with their host families and teachers to hotel. The trip to Prague was on Tuesday. We went on the couch and left to Prague. For lots of our guests it was the first time of visiting Prague. We showed them the most interesting places in Prague. Also they could see that P

rague is very popular. Despite of the fact that it was an early springtime Prague was full of tourists so we heard lots of languages. Because of being in the midlle of Europe it is very easy to see lots of changeovers of cultures. Wednesday was a departure time for Germany and Luxembourg group. On Thursday our students and an Itallian group went to Horsovsky T

yn. We visited a castle because you can find lots of Italian architectures and things there. We wanted to show them that a small part of Italy can be in Czech,  too. Then we went to Domazlice and introduced them a typical culture of this part of our republic - "Chodsko". Friday morning it was time for saying "Good bye and see you soon" to an Italian group. We took them to Domazlice trian station and they went home.

After the meeting our students asked a few questions host families - 4 questions for their parents, 7 quesstions for students

Questions for parents: 10 responders

1. Did you understand to your student?  a) very well    b) good    c) not very good   d) not at all

2. Did he / she like your meal that you prepared?  a) yes   b) no    c) not sure

3. Was the period of his / her staying:  a) short      b) just enought    c) long

4. Are you willing to accommodate another foreign students again?  a) yes      b) no

Questions for students: 10 responders

1. Did you learn something new obout his / her country?  a) yes    b) no       c) not ask

2. Did you understatnd him / her?   a) quite good   b) use the internet     c) not talk too much

3. Did he /she bring you any present?    a) yes     b) no

4) Did you gave her / him any present?   a) yes    b) no

5. Did he / she like the program?    a) yes     b) no      c) donˇt know

6. Did you stay in touch?    a) yes     b) no

7. Do you like to join onother project again?   a) yes + reason   b) no + reason

question 7 - some "yes" reasons: 1. I can learn something new

                                                       2. It was fun

                                                       3. I like languages

                                                       4. It was an interesting experience

                                                       5. we can improve our language skills

                   - some "no" reasos:    1. I will be afraid of staying alone in the family

                                                       2. I am not apt to be in a foreing family

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