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We have asked all the students of year 2 the following questions:



 1- Ta famille est  :            italienne o        étrangère o               mixte o

2- Tu fréquentes l’école italienne depuis      o tojours                o depuis _______ans.

 3- Indique la langue/les langues que tu parles chez toi :    italien o   dialecte o   anglais o

                                                                                              français o allemand o  espagnol o

                                                                                              autre chose o: _________________

4- Ta religion est :          chrétienne  o  islamique o     autre chose o: _________________

 5- Quelles sont les fêtes typiques de ton Pays que vous fêtez en famille et quelle est celle que tu        préfères ?


 6- Quel est le plat préféré dans ta famille?

 7- Regardes-tu des émissions à la télé ou des  DVD en langue étrangère?      Oui o  Nono

 8- As-tu de proches parents (grands-parents, oncles) à l’étranger?                  Oui o  Nono

 9- Si oui, indique la raison pour laquelle ils se trouvent à l’étranger :    travail   o   étude  o 

                                                                          famille  o     autre chose o  ________________

































school attendance in italy

Frequenti la scuola italiana da _____________ anni.

You have attended the italian school for......years


I risultati ottenuti nelle sei classi srafico sono:

The results in the 6 second forms of our schools of Quinto and Morgano are:

1 alunno frequenta la scuola da due mesi – 1 student has attended Italian school for 2 months

 6 alunni frequentano la scuola da 5 anni – 6 students have attended it for 5 years 

3 alunni frequentano la scuola da 6 anni -  3 students have attended it for 6 years

142 alunni frequentano la scuola da  7 anni- 142  for 7 years

8 alunni frequentano la scuola da 8 anni- 8 students for 8 years

Quattro alunni non hanno compilato il test perché assenti



Religione Professata



La tua religione è . cristiana ..... islamica ... altro: ______________________

Your religion is ….. Christian ……Islamic…….other……..

I risultati ottenuti nelle sei classi seconde della Scuola Media di Quinto e di Morgano e riportati nel grafico sono:

The results in the 6 second forms of our schools of Quinto and Morgano are:

152 alunni sono di religione cristiana – 152 students are Catholic 

 18 alunni sono di religione islamica 18 students are Islamic 

1 alunno è di religione buddista- 1 student is Buddhist

3 alunni sono di religione ortodossa – 3 students are Orthodox


Visione programmi TV o DVD in lingua straniera


About TV programs and DVDs

Guardi programmi TV o DVD in lingua straniera? .. si ... no

Do you watch TV programs or DVDs in a foreign language?

I risultati ottenuti nelle sei classi seconde della Scuola Media di Quinto e di Morgano e riportati nel grafico sono:

The results in the 6 second forms of our schools of Quinto and Morgano are:


66 alunni guardano programmi o DVD in lingua straniera  – 66 pupils watch TV or DVDs in a foreign language  

98 alunni non guardano programmi o DVD in lingua straniera 98 pupils watch TV or DVDs only in Italian




Hai parenti stretti (nonni, zii) all'estero? ….. si …... no

Have you got any relatives (grandparents, uncles) abroad?.........yes………….no 


I risultati ottenuti nelle sei classi seconde della Scuola Media di Quinto e di Morgano e riportati nel grafico sono:

The results in the 6 second forms of our schools of Quinto and Morgano are:


103 alunni hanno parenti all’estero – 103 pupils have some relatives abroad

57 alunni non hanno parenti all’estero – 57 pupils have no relatives abroad.


Quattro alunni non hanno compilato il test perché assenti

4 students were absentQ 



My Class 2b


In my class there four continents: Europe, Asia, Africa and South America!

There are ten italian families,six families from abroad and two families with one parent from abroad.

There are seventeen students with seven or eight years of education in Italy, one student with six years  and one student arrived  three years ago.

There are sixteen students speaking only Italian, nine students speaking also dialect, one student speaks Spanish, two students speak Kosovarian, one student speaks  Romanian, one student speaks Arabian, one speaks English, one student speaks French, one speaks Chinese and one Croatian.

In my class there are twelve Catholic students,four Islamic students  and two Orthodox students.

All students usually eat pasta , only one student usually eats rice.

In my class seven students don't watch TV o DVD  in Italian.

In my class twelve students have relatives abroad and seven students don't have any relatives abroad.


Some interviews





Questions and Answers :


What's your name?

My name is Shengxian Cai

How old are you?

I'm twelve years old

Where were you born?

I was born in China

Who are your parents?

My parents are You De Cai and Xiaoling Chen

Which language do you speak at home?


Which is your religion?

I am Buddhist

Have you got any italian friends?

Yes, I have

Which is your favorite food?

My favourite food is rice


1.I'm Regi

 2.I'm 12 years old

3.I was born in Albania like my parents

 4.At home I speak albanian and italian 

5.My religion is orthodox

6.I have some italian friends 

7.My favourite food is pizza

  My name is Denis Masgras.

I'm twelve.

I was born in Italy.

My parents are Romanians.

I speak italian and romanian.

My religion is orthodox.

Yes, i have got many italian friends.

My favourite food is pasta.

 1)  My name is Alena Hasipi.

2)  I’m 13 years old.

3)  I’m was born in Italy and my parents were born in Macedonia.

4)  We speak at home the albanian.

5)  My religion is Muslim (Musulmano).

6)  Yes I have some Italian friends.

7)  My favourite food is lasagne.

1 My name is Anida and my surname is Hasipi.

2 I'm 13 years old.

3 I was born in Macedonia.

4 At home I speak Albanian and Italian.

5 My religion is Muslim.

6 Yes, I have italian friends.

7 My favourite food is pizza.


1. My name is Mergim Elshami

2. I'm 12 years old

3. I was born in Kossovo. My parent were born in Kossovo.

4. I speak Albanish at home.

5. I am Muslim

6. Yes, I have italian friends.

7. My favourite food are pasta and pizza.






Second meeting in Kdyne for six students

and three teachers of our "Scuola Media".

Here we are in Prague with all our partners

on April the 5th 2011.









I went to the Czech republic for the project Comenius.

I went with my schoolmates ( of Quinto and Morgano ) and with our teachers.

We left the train station in Mestre at eleven o’clock for Munich in Germany.

We arrived in Kdyne, the town near the border with Germany, at about twelve


We were assigned to our host family. We were divided. The teachers stayed in

a“Bed and Breakfast”.

We awoke at half past five or six o'clock.


On Tuesday we went with Czech, German and Luxemburgian students and teachers on

a trip to Prague, the capital of Czech Republic.

Prague is amazing and interesting, is big and varied, it gives hospitality to many

historical palaces . We saw the Italian Embassy, the Dust Tower the Theatre of

Opera and many Italian people.


On Wednesday we went to their school. Their school is big (Primary school and

Middle school).

The primary school lasts since 6 until 11 years. In the school , they eat and drink

during the lessons.

Their school begins at twenty to eight and finishes at one o’clock pm. They have big

classrooms and a big blackboard. Their tests are small.


In the afternoon I went to an aerial tower while my friends went to the pool.


On Thursday we went to Domazlice and we walked in the centre of the town. We ate

an Italian pizza and an Italian ice cream .


In the afternoon I went with Serena and Giacomo to the manege. We rode a horse

for half an hour.


On Friday we left Kdyne at eleven o’clock.

At about three o’clock we arrived in Germany and at about half past ten we were in

Mestre train station.


The Czech Republic is a state different from Italy. The food, the school are

different and I don’t like the food very much but this journey is beautiful and

interesting because it is a unique experience!!


My Visit in the Czech Republic


I went to the Czech Republic, from the 3rd of April to the 8th of April.

I left Italy from Mestre train station on Sunday night at 11.00pm.

I travelled with three teachers and five students.

The final destination was Kdyne but we stopped in Munich for breakfast at 6.00am.

We arrived in Kdyne at midday.

We stayed in a local family; my host was a girl, called Monika.

The family was very nice with me and I’ve stayed very well with them.

The food was good there and I had no problem with that.

The Czech language was very difficult for me so I spoke most English and a little bit of German.

The weather was always nice with sunshine.

We visited Prag on Tuesday by coach; I found the city very beautiful and big and I bought some souvenirs.

I found the Carlo’s bridge wonderful and very very long……

After that we went to a shopping center with a nice fountain, and I found it the same as in Italy also with the same shops.

On Wednesday morning I went to the Kdyne’s school by bus with my friend Monika and I listened to a lesson: I found the Czech school very different from the Italian school.

In the afternoon I went to the swimming pool and it was very funny.

The day after we visited Domazlice, a small town and near we saw a big castle with lamps of Murano glass.

In the evening I went to eat an Italian pizza with all the family of Monika and when we returned home they gave me some presents and I took some photos.

On Friday morning we left Kdyne around 10.00am and we took the train back home.

This travel was very exiting and interesting for me but also very strong because it was the first time for me alone and in a strange country.


Elena Furlan



We have interviewed 10 teachers working on the project. Here are the results:




We have interviewed 100 students involved in the project. Here are the results:






17 october 2011

Finally we arrived in Luxembourg after a long travel!

We went to the school and we met our “families”, some very nice people!


18 october

On Tuesday morning we knew our class and a lot of children and with them we went to Luxembourg city by train. Here we visited lots of monuments and we saw the ducal palace. The city is very beautiful, there are some fantastic shops, chocolate shops and bakeries.


19 october

The day after we spent the morning at school and at lunch time we ate delicious hot dogs. Then we walked to a pink castle and here we did a funny game where we had to answer to some different questions about the UE, but the questions were in German so we had to translate them, but we didn’t understand everything. At the end we were very tired.


20 october

Just woken up we went to the natural park with a path full of trees. It was cold but we enjoyed ourselves.

Then we visited the 17th century Vianden’s castle. It was built on rock.

21 october

It was our last day! We decided to go to Luxembourg city and do shopping with our teachers, here we ate a strange pizza.

Then at half past 5 we took an airplane and we returned home rich of new experiences and presents for our families and friends =)!!!


We are very happy for contributing to this project and happy to have seen new beautiful things. We were good because our families were very friendly and all the teachers too. We won’t forget this trip and the people we met there. We’ll always remember the butter and the sandwiches we ate there.








We are two students Chiara and Chiara of  Media Ciardi school at Quinto di Treviso.  following a COMENIUS project  we went to Luxembourg  for four days.

With  other four students and four teachers we left Venice airport last October 17thand then from Rome we arrived in Luxembourg.

Our partners with their teachers met us and we visited the school before going to our guests' houses.

 We  spent very nice days going sightseeing, playing, singing together, watching the wonderful landscapes  of that country together with students and teachers of the Czech Republic and Germany, and our "parents" in the project, too.

Nice weather, good food, nice people! And coming back, at the airport in Rome, an unexpected, chance meeting!

Mr. G. Napolitano our President, was there, for personal reasons too . After a kind and friendly conversation with us, we took off and came back to our parents, who were waiting for us and our reports.

The journey in Luxembourg was nice and fun. Our partners and their families were kind and nice. We are missing them!


                                                                                                                 Chiara Comirato 3°A
                                                                              Chiara Mistrorigo 3°C




My English teacher went to Luxembourg for a Comenius project.

The journey was good and she went by airplane.

She visited a primary school, it is beautiful and very


The people speak many languages: German, French,English and


Luxembourg is very small but there are many cultures: German,



Even if the city is small there are many skyscrapers but there are

woods and

rivers too.


She saw the European Parliament and the European Bank too.

She visited

also a castle in Vianden.

The weather was similar to the weather in Italy. The teacher

came back



Silvia Bernardi






To read something about integration of special needs students in Italian school, please....

Click the videos section!Smile












Giovedì 16 Febbraio 2012,

QUINTO - (N.D.) E' in pieno svolgimento la visita di una delegazione di studenti e insegnanti stranieri delle medie di Germania, Rep. Ceca e Lussemburgo, che ospiti dell'Istituto comprensivo di Quinto e Morgano nell'ambito del progetto europeo "Comenius" per lo scambio di esperienze didattico-culturali. Ieri le delegazioni sono state ricevute nella sala consiliare del municipio. Gli ospiti hanno avuto parole di vivo ringraziamento per la calorosa ospitalità ricevuta in questi giorni presso le famiglie locali. In serata c'è stata la cena organizzata dalle famiglie quintine nella sala parrocchiale San Giorgio.





Our school is involved in a European School Partnership Project. The students of a Country, can host in their houses the students of another European Country. From 3rd to 8th April 2011, with other 5 students of my school and three teachers I went to the Czech Republic in Kdyne, a little town in the south. It was a fantastic experience. But from 13th to 18th February 2012, the students with their teachers of the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Germany and only the teachers of Romania came here to Italy to Quinto di Treviso. I hosted the Czech girl that hosted me when I went to Czech Republic. Her name is Monika, she's 13 years old and she is very nice. I like very much her because she is very polite. I didn't have any problems with the language because she speaks very good English. This project for me was fantastic and beautiful because we have known other countries, cultures, traditions. We enjoyed ourselves because on Tuesday we went to Venice, on Wednesday evening, my family and all the families of Comenius Project ate pizza together. It was very amusing. I'm very sad because I will not see again my partner. But this was a fantastic experience that I will never forget.

Elena 3C

The Comenius project is a beautiful experience. I liked it very much but it was difficult for me because my corrispondent spoke only German.
She was cute and friendly but she was timid. She was very brave because she's only 10 years old! I made friends also with German and Czech students. They were very nice. I liked their coming because you must speak only German, French or English, not Italian. I hope to do it again because I love travelling and speaking different languages.

Chiara 3c

and now let's listen to the families


"Thinking back to the days when the school presented to us parents the Comenius project,  we can not hide

that we felt a certain fear together with curiosity, but we wanted to confirm once more to our daughter that

the world is large and varied, and the comparison with the experiences of other people's lives is a source of

personal growth. We were then encouraged by the enthusiasm of our daughter and also by the opportunity to reciprocate the hospitality that another family would give her. "


"For us parents the Comenius project has been very positive from many points of view. First of all, we fully support the aims: cultural exchange, integration, Europe.

It gave us the possibility to wideopen our home to a child from Luxembourg, to make her feel welcome as she was at her house, to let her know our way of life ... and our school has been able to give the best of itself involving the host families, voluntary associations and the municipalities of Quinto and Morgano. And guests have been able to grasp and appreciate the value of open and generous hospitality . It was important and significant, beyond the objective problems of language, to meet children from other countries giving them the opportunity to discover our small country and that let us expand our little "peasant" horizon , knowing the uses and habits of people that we can well define , in the internet age, our "neighbors".







Last May our school took part in an exhibition organized by " Rete integrazione Alunni Stranieri di Treviso ".

This intercultural net work is made of 33 schools of all degrees situated in the area of Treviso.

16 elementary and middle schools partecipated in the exhibition while the high schools organized a theatre review.

Food, festivities and traditions, typical objects, children's and people's rights, were the themes and

students realized drawings, posters and objects in different materials.

Knowledge and respect can help people appreciate other cultures and that can bring also to a better understanding and appreciation of one's own culture and tradition.

Besides making students aware of the diverse cultures, one of the results of the exhibition was the possibility to compare the activities of many schools in the fields of integration.

These moments of exchange, highlightening the fundamental values of mutual respect, dignity, justice and friendship, will be the background of school work and they will help avoid any form of discrimination. Differences must not be a problem but a richness for each of us, our school, our society and culture.




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