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I went to the Czech republic for the project Comenius.

I went with my schoolmates ( of Quinto and Morgano ) and with our teachers.

We left the train station in Mestre at eleven o’clock for Munich in Germany.

We arrived in Kdyne, the town near the border with Germany, at about twelve


We were assigned to our host family. We were divided. The teachers stayed in

a“Bed and Breakfast”.

We awoke at half past five or six o'clock.


On Tuesday we went with Czech, German and Luxemburgian students and teachers on

a trip to Prague, the capital of Czech Republic.

Prague is amazing and interesting, is big and varied, it gives hospitality to many

historical palaces . We saw the Italian Embassy, the Dust Tower the Theatre of

Opera and many Italian people.


On Wednesday we went to their school. Their school is big (Primary school and

Middle school).

The primary school lasts since 6 until 11 years. In the school , they eat and drink

during the lessons.

Their school begins at twenty to eight and finishes at one o’clock pm. They have big

classrooms and a big blackboard. Their tests are small.


In the afternoon I went to an aerial tower while my friends went to the pool.


On Thursday we went to Domazlice and we walked in the centre of the town. We ate

an Italian pizza and an Italian ice cream .


In the afternoon I went with Serena and Giacomo to the manege. We rode a horse

for half an hour.


On Friday we left Kdyne at eleven o’clock.

At about three o’clock we arrived in Germany and at about half past ten we were in

Mestre train station.


The Czech Republic is a state different from Italy. The food, the school are

different and I don’t like the food very much but this journey is beautiful and

interesting because it is a unique experience!!


My Visit in the Czech Republic


I went to the Czech Republic, from the 3rd of April to the 8th of April.

I left Italy from Mestre train station on Sunday night at 11.00pm.

I travelled with three teachers and five students.

The final destination was Kdyne but we stopped in Munich for breakfast at 6.00am.

We arrived in Kdyne at midday.

We stayed in a local family; my host was a girl, called Monika.

The family was very nice with me and I’ve stayed very well with them.

The food was good there and I had no problem with that.

The Czech language was very difficult for me so I spoke most English and a little bit of German.

The weather was always nice with sunshine.

We visited Prag on Tuesday by coach; I found the city very beautiful and big and I bought some souvenirs.

I found the Carlo’s bridge wonderful and very very long……

After that we went to a shopping center with a nice fountain, and I found it the same as in Italy also with the same shops.

On Wednesday morning I went to the Kdyne’s school by bus with my friend Monika and I listened to a lesson: I found the Czech school very different from the Italian school.

In the afternoon I went to the swimming pool and it was very funny.

The day after we visited Domazlice, a small town and near we saw a big castle with lamps of Murano glass.

In the evening I went to eat an Italian pizza with all the family of Monika and when we returned home they gave me some presents and I took some photos.

On Friday morning we left Kdyne around 10.00am and we took the train back home.

This travel was very exiting and interesting for me but also very strong because it was the first time for me alone and in a strange country.


Elena Furlan

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