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My Class 2b


In my class there four continents: Europe, Asia, Africa and South America!

There are ten italian families,six families from abroad and two families with one parent from abroad.

There are seventeen students with seven or eight years of education in Italy, one student with six years  and one student arrived  three years ago.

There are sixteen students speaking only Italian, nine students speaking also dialect, one student speaks Spanish, two students speak Kosovarian, one student speaks  Romanian, one student speaks Arabian, one speaks English, one student speaks French, one speaks Chinese and one Croatian.

In my class there are twelve Catholic students,four Islamic students  and two Orthodox students.

All students usually eat pasta , only one student usually eats rice.

In my class seven students don't watch TV o DVD  in Italian.

In my class twelve students have relatives abroad and seven students don't have any relatives abroad.


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