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Italy - meeting in italy 12 - 17 february 2012

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meeting in italy 12 - 17 february 2012
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Giovedì 16 Febbraio 2012,

QUINTO - (N.D.) E' in pieno svolgimento la visita di una delegazione di studenti e insegnanti stranieri delle medie di Germania, Rep. Ceca e Lussemburgo, che ospiti dell'Istituto comprensivo di Quinto e Morgano nell'ambito del progetto europeo "Comenius" per lo scambio di esperienze didattico-culturali. Ieri le delegazioni sono state ricevute nella sala consiliare del municipio. Gli ospiti hanno avuto parole di vivo ringraziamento per la calorosa ospitalità ricevuta in questi giorni presso le famiglie locali. In serata c'è stata la cena organizzata dalle famiglie quintine nella sala parrocchiale San Giorgio.





Our school is involved in a European School Partnership Project. The students of a Country, can host in their houses the students of another European Country. From 3rd to 8th April 2011, with other 5 students of my school and three teachers I went to the Czech Republic in Kdyne, a little town in the south. It was a fantastic experience. But from 13th to 18th February 2012, the students with their teachers of the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Germany and only the teachers of Romania came here to Italy to Quinto di Treviso. I hosted the Czech girl that hosted me when I went to Czech Republic. Her name is Monika, she's 13 years old and she is very nice. I like very much her because she is very polite. I didn't have any problems with the language because she speaks very good English. This project for me was fantastic and beautiful because we have known other countries, cultures, traditions. We enjoyed ourselves because on Tuesday we went to Venice, on Wednesday evening, my family and all the families of Comenius Project ate pizza together. It was very amusing. I'm very sad because I will not see again my partner. But this was a fantastic experience that I will never forget.

Elena 3C

The Comenius project is a beautiful experience. I liked it very much but it was difficult for me because my corrispondent spoke only German.
She was cute and friendly but she was timid. She was very brave because she's only 10 years old! I made friends also with German and Czech students. They were very nice. I liked their coming because you must speak only German, French or English, not Italian. I hope to do it again because I love travelling and speaking different languages.

Chiara 3c

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