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17 october 2011

Finally we arrived in Luxembourg after a long travel!

We went to the school and we met our “families”, some very nice people!


18 october

On Tuesday morning we knew our class and a lot of children and with them we went to Luxembourg city by train. Here we visited lots of monuments and we saw the ducal palace. The city is very beautiful, there are some fantastic shops, chocolate shops and bakeries.


19 october

The day after we spent the morning at school and at lunch time we ate delicious hot dogs. Then we walked to a pink castle and here we did a funny game where we had to answer to some different questions about the UE, but the questions were in German so we had to translate them, but we didn’t understand everything. At the end we were very tired.


20 october

Just woken up we went to the natural park with a path full of trees. It was cold but we enjoyed ourselves.

Then we visited the 17th century Vianden’s castle. It was built on rock.

21 october

It was our last day! We decided to go to Luxembourg city and do shopping with our teachers, here we ate a strange pizza.

Then at half past 5 we took an airplane and we returned home rich of new experiences and presents for our families and friends =)!!!


We are very happy for contributing to this project and happy to have seen new beautiful things. We were good because our families were very friendly and all the teachers too. We won’t forget this trip and the people we met there. We’ll always remember the butter and the sandwiches we ate there.








We are two students Chiara and Chiara of  Media Ciardi school at Quinto di Treviso.  following a COMENIUS project  we went to Luxembourg  for four days.

With  other four students and four teachers we left Venice airport last October 17thand then from Rome we arrived in Luxembourg.

Our partners with their teachers met us and we visited the school before going to our guests' houses.

 We  spent very nice days going sightseeing, playing, singing together, watching the wonderful landscapes  of that country together with students and teachers of the Czech Republic and Germany, and our "parents" in the project, too.

Nice weather, good food, nice people! And coming back, at the airport in Rome, an unexpected, chance meeting!

Mr. G. Napolitano our President, was there, for personal reasons too . After a kind and friendly conversation with us, we took off and came back to our parents, who were waiting for us and our reports.

The journey in Luxembourg was nice and fun. Our partners and their families were kind and nice. We are missing them!


                                                                                                                 Chiara Comirato 3°A
                                                                              Chiara Mistrorigo 3°C




My English teacher went to Luxembourg for a Comenius project.

The journey was good and she went by airplane.

She visited a primary school, it is beautiful and very


The people speak many languages: German, French,English and


Luxembourg is very small but there are many cultures: German,



Even if the city is small there are many skyscrapers but there are

woods and

rivers too.


She saw the European Parliament and the European Bank too.

She visited

also a castle in Vianden.

The weather was similar to the weather in Italy. The teacher

came back



Silvia Bernardi



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