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First Meeting


The first project meeting with all partners took place at Weiskirchen/Germany from 27th September till the 2nd October 2010.

For the third time Eichenlaub school in Weiskirchen is taking part in the COMENIUS European school partnership programme as the co-ordinating school. This time the partner countries are Luxembourg, Italy and the Czech Republic who have received the approval to take part in the project from their national body.

At the start of the project, which runs over a period of 2 years, Eichenlaub School was, from 27th September till the 2nd October, able to welcome a group of teachers from the Czech Republic, Italy and Luxembourg as well as pupils from the Czech Republic.
“We are like you, we are European too – Europe, a vine and its branches” is the title of this European school partnership programme – a programme against intolerance, prejudice, exclusion and discrimination. The aim of this is the recognition and acceptance of both similarities and differences as well as the raising of mature, responsible European citizens.
The project is not only about integration on a European level but also integration on a national level especially for families from an ethnic background. Pupils, teachers and parents should be sensitive to the different problems. During the first project meeting a plan was put in place as to how, in the next 2 years, the partner schools want to work together. Tasks were shared between the schools and the next meeting was arranged.

The approval of the respective national bodies is also needed for the availability of funds for both the project work and the travel that’s involved in order to partake in the project. Through the last COMENIUS project Eichenlaub School and the partner school in Luxembourg had built up a partnership with the Romanian school from Barlad. Due to the large amount of Romanian project applications, the school from Barlad received no approval to officially take part in the project. However it was decided to integrate the school in the project. During the project meeting contact was made with Romania via an internet video link.

In the first year of the project the situation at each school/in each region will be written up. A suitable questionnaire will be drawn up in order to record the difficulties, problems, hopes and wishes experienced by the pupils who are involved in the project. Afterwards the similarities and differences between not only the cultures but also in everyday life will be noted. Suggestions and suitable measures for improving the situation will be worked out. As a final point a question will be asked; “What can we learn from each other and what can be done in the future in order to ease the situation for all the participants?”

Hana Koutná und Kateřina Bozděchová (Tschechien) . Maria Gladys Cattarin (Italien), Yves Desbordes (Luxemburg), Günter Peifer, Annegret Zapp (Deutschland), Francesca Sabbatini (Italien), Pitt Delles (Luxemburg)


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