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Fifth Meeting


The fifth and final project meeting took place from 30th April to 4th May 2012 at Weiskirchen/Germany.

Europe – a welcome guest in Weiskirchen

Members of the Comenius partner schools met to an exchange of experiences

Within the context of the Comenius School partnership project „We are like you, we are

European, too“ ten teachers and 39 pupils from Kdyne (Czech Republic), Quinto di Treviso (Italy),

Barlad (Romania and Erpeldingen (Luxembourg) visited their partnerschool in Weiskirchen.

Experiences were exchanged, work results compared, dates updated as well as the final reports prepared which will have to be presented to the local agencies at the end of the project. Apart from that cultural exchange and common activities were also stimulated. After a May walking tour of 15 km  the teachers were introduced in the art of „Schwenken“, a special and popular kind of barbecue,  typical in the Saarland. The pupils built table tennis rackets of wood in the school workshop and organized an international table tennis tournament. With the help of the guest families the young guests got to know the neighborhood and the region.

The last day of the stay two buses full of pupils and teachers visited the capital Saarbrücken. A detour to the Völklinger Ironwork, “one of the most exciting places in the world”, declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage couldn’t be left out. The visitors learned in English and German a lot about the history and the technology of the iron and steel production. They also enjoyed an impressing view of the region from the lookout tower of the blast furnace.

Next point of the programme was a visit in the federal state parliament. Ulrich Commercon, the new minister of culture and education and Anke Rehlinger, minister of environment, consumer protection and justice welcomed the group in a very hearty way. Mrs Rehlinger invited the guests in the auditorium of the plenary session and emphasized the importance of the international cooperation of schools for a common Europe. The headmasters and the project managers of the guest schools expressed their thanks in their mother tongues. There was enough time left for a stroll through the town to go shopping and buy some souvenirs.

On the occasion of a common dinner headmaster Günter Peifer expressed thanks for the good cooperation to the representatives of the guest schools handing them a pennant of the Eichenlaubschule Weiskirchen. All participating schools have already put in an application for a new common project together with schools from Greek and Turkey. They hope it will be approved by the local agencies.


Press report: Saarbrücker Zeitung, 11 May 2012



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