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Third Meeting

The third project meeting with all partners took place at Erpeldange/Luxembourg from 17 October until 21 October 2011.

Cultural exchange in Luxembourg

Ten teachers as well as  twenty-eight students from Kdyne (Czech  Republik), Treviso (Italy), Barlad (Rumania) and Weiskirchen (Germany) met their partner school in Erpeldange (Luxembourg) within the context of the Comenius schoolpartnership project. The subject of the Comenius poject is „We are like you, we are European too“.

Comenius is part of the European Community's Lifelong Learning Programme which will end in 2013. It is equipped by a budget of nearly seven billion Euro. At least three million students are supposed to take part in education activities within school partnerships until the end of the term. After a successful application the partners work on a chosen theme of common interest during two years and receive funds by the European Union. The project aims to improve the quality of school education and to enhance their European dimension especially by promoting the transnational cooperation between schools and  professional education as well as further training of the teachers. In addition to that the knowledge of foreign languages and the  intercultural awareness in the European school education should be enhanced.

Experiences were exchanged,  results of project work  compared, intermediate reports  discussed, dates up dated and aims to reach until the end the project  in 2012 were fixed at the project meeting in Erpeldange. A further meeting in Italy in February 2012 was also prepared.

The cultural exchange among the students was stimulated by several common activities. They went on a sightseeing tour in the capital, visited the castle in Vianden, did a quiz about Europe in the castle park in Erpeldange  and had a lot of fun in the climbing park „Indian Forest“.

Press reports:
Press report: Luxemburger Wort 2011-10-21meeting3-luxwort 


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Press report DIE WOCH   12 November 2011

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