Using ICT to support and enhance Teaching and Learning
  2nd project meeting           


The second meeting took place  27 February - 4 March  2006 at Arenas de San Pedro/Spain.

The 2nd Meeting in Spain gave an opportunity for presentations from the German, Luxembourgian, Spanish and Romanian partners. (the Scottish group were unable to attend but online contact was maintained)

The presentations included video tours of the respective schools and physics experiments in English language.

Discussion led to the confirmation of “Regional Myths and Legends” being adopted as a main theme for the next phase of the project. Participating schools were to involve the language students in the preparation of Video/PowerPoint presentations. In addition an online questionnaire would be produced to elicit the opinions of staff and students involved in the project. It was suggested that propositions for the questions to be used should be uploaded to the online forum. Construction of the questionnaire would be done by the coordinating school from Weiskirchen.

Finally preparations were made for the 3rd meeting in Romania – arranging dates, work programs and venues.


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