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Hiking trails

    Weg des Wassers           ERS Weiskirchen

    Sentier René Reuter       Ecole Primaire Erpeldange

    Prodana Route                SCOALA  NR. 11 “GEORGE TUTOVEANU

    The Fishermen Route     IES Valle del Tiétar



Famous person in our region

    The wolf researcher Werner Freund    ERS Weiskirchen


Regional myths and legends

    "The Schinderhannes"    ERS Weiskirchen

    "The Legend of Melusina"   Ecole Primaire Erpeldange

    "The Legend of the Hawker's Cross"    IES Valle del Tiétar

    "The Legend of Los Galayos"    IES Valle del Tiétar

    "The Legend of Werner"    ERS Weiskirchen

    "The Legend of the Missing Girl"    IES Valle del Tiétar

    "The Legend of Dracula"    SCOALA  NR. 11 “GEORGE TUTOVEANU“

    "Scottish Myths and Legends"    Preston Lodge High School

    "The Legend of Loreley"    ERS Weiskirchen